Terrorists or Freedom Fighters? Reflections on the Liberation
of Animals

National Day
of Protest to Stop Police Brutality

Support the effort in explaining, understanding, and discussing the Animal Liberation Front with students, professors, and your peers at your school, college, or university. Discuss what many call “the modern-day underground railroad” and what the FBI calls a "domestic terrorist organization".

Are you interested in talking with others about the ALF, but do not know how? Here are some suggestions:

  • Book a classroom to allow a former ALF prisoner to speak
  • Present a paper on the history of the ALF to your local organization, school, or university
  • Show an ALF video followed with a Q and A session afterward
  • Set up a table on the ALF
  • Invite people for and against the ALF in the animal rights movement to dialogue
  • Invite a national animal rights organization to offer their thoughts on the ALF
  • Have a guest speaker or former ALF political prisoner speak on State repression and police brutality. This would be a great way to affiliate your event with the U.S. National Day Against Police Brutality.

*Post events at: www.cala-online.org*


The purpose of this action is to de-escalate the tension and fear that some people feel in response to "extreme" tactics in the animal rights movement, and to learn more about why the ALF was formed, what their goals are, and what their opposition thinks and feels about them. In order to build a peaceful planet we need to hear all sides of the conflict regarding human treatment of animals. While conflict is part of life, if not managed properly it can be a destructive dynamic.

Endorsers seek to:

  • Educate the public about the ALF and other underground players in the animal liberation movement
  • Counter popular misconceptions about the 'violence' the illegal tactics of property destruction reflect, underscoring the distinction between what is legal and what is ethical
  • Disseminate information (specifically within academia) to promote fair and rational dialogue concerning the issue of animal liberation as a legitimate social justice movement in the world


Endorsers have no relationship with the ALF or any underground group. ALF members are unknown and communicate their messages and report actions via anonymous media. This event is not in anyway striving to promote ALF actions.