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Activities To Do With Your Black German Shepherd

Your Black German Shepherd may look good with its black coat, but it also is a very active dog that needs some high intensity activities to burn its energy. If the dog is not exercised properly, it becomes highly aggressive and is prone to taking offence at even small noise and interruptions. So we present some mix of activities that you can do with black German Shepherds.

Walking is one of the simplest activities, and is definitely recommended for this dog. However, you should make sure that your dog avoids paved surfaces, and rather walks on soft surfaces such as grass. Running around the park is another activity your GSD may indulge in. This might be called its favorite activity. A German Shepherd Dog loves to run around and play with other dogs. Swimming is another low intensity activity that is especially useful for older dogs and for dogs that have injury in their legs. This way they can exercise without stressing their limbs. Finally, hiking on a nature trail is also an activity that your dog will enjoy a lot.

All the above activities will keep your dog busy and happy, because there is nothing a German Shepherd Dog likes more than being active around its owner or around other dogs.