Animals and Wildlife near Wellness Hotel Brandenburg

Travelling has never been so popular and every year more and more people book a holiday to go to some far away country. Some of the favourite destinations are Australia, America, France, Egypt, Spain and Russia to name just a few. London attracts thousands of visitors all year round interested in the many attractions that London is so famous for. These include Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, Houses of Parliament and the British Museum as well as the Theatres and well known shops such as Harrods. Berlin the capital city of Germany is another popular destination particularly with people who are interested in the history of Berlin. Berlin is a huge city split into different districts so for holiday makers it is important that they choose a Hotel that is close to all the main sightseeing attractions and amenities.


wellness hotel Brandenburg is a centrally located and first class hotel offering excellent accommodation and facilities, including a number of wellness services and dedicated Whirlpool (click here) baths. Getting around Berlin is easy by public transport and nothing is too far away. Tourists to Wellness Hotel Brandenburg are often surprised at how many different kind of wildlife and animals there are to be seen near to the Hotel as well as a variety of birds. There are many parks and green areas around Berlin and tourists can often spot squirrels, rabbits, foxes and other wild animals while they are sitting quietly on one of the benches. Unusual colourful birds as well as ducks and swans are everywhere hoping to catch some tasty treat which visitors to the parks often bring. Many tourists find that after visiting all the main sightseeing attractions which can be very hectic, they are happy just to watch the animals and wildlife for a pleasant change.

hotel Brandenburg – has a very good website and anyone thinking of taking a holiday in Berlin should visit the website before booking accommodation elsewhere. It is a first class Hotel well located and offers excellent accommodation to suit all budgets. By checking the website tourists will be able to see for themselves all the facilities the Hotel Brandenburg – has to offer. Package holidays which include accommodation and sightseeing trips are available and meals can be taken on a full board, half board or bed and breakfast basis. The website provides all the information that tourists need to know before booking a holiday in Berlin and includes a virtual tour of both the inside and outside of Hotel Brandenburg.

Berlin has something of interest for every age group but for most tourists it is the attractions associated with the history of Berlin that are the most popular. The main ones are the remaining part of the Berlin Wall situated to the east of the city centre, Checkpoint Charlie which was the crossing point during the Cold War between East and West Germany and the Brandenburg Gate. By staying at the Wellness Hotel Brandenburg guests are offered tours which operate each day to all these attractions and many more. Also close to the hotel are shops, theatres, cinemas, restaurants, cafes, markets, pubs and clubs. Nearby are lovely parks packed with wildlife, animals and birds making a welcome escape from all the hustle and bustle in the busy city of Berlin.