Animal Liberation

Save our Planet

I have a great interest in the animal liberation movement, although I am not one of the people who take direct action against people who are involved in caging animals for either food, fur or laboratory testing.  I am against the exploitation of animals and campaign tirelessly against animal cruelty. 

I spend most of my Saturdays in the centre of town stopping people to ask them to sign petitions against animal cruelty.  Some of the activists involved in the animal liberation movement, violate the law in order to free animals from captivity, they also seriously damage any property relating to animal exploitation, to prevent further harm to animals.  In many cases organisations have had to close because of related attacks to property. 

I take indirect action in hope that one day someone will listen to our movement.  This is why two years ago I decided that I would make customised animal liberation clothing.  Firstly to enable other people like me to wear t-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, men’s shoes and polo-shirts, but also to make other people aware of what is happening to these poor animals in captivity.

I did my research on companies who already manufactured this sort of clothing, and the clothing  I found on the market had skull and cross bones on them with the wording  animal liberation incorporated into the t-shirt, sweatshirt, polo-shirt, shoes, jeans.  They not only made these items of clothing for adults, but had a wide range of clothing for men, women, kids, teens and babies.  Unfortunately, these items of clothing were all the same and not customised to a person’s individual taste.

I set up a website offering my services; I put a number of standard items on the website, such as t-shirts, polo-shirts, sweatshirts, men’s shoes and jeans.  I put the price of each item and the range of colours.  I then put on to the website a range of wording, which could be altered to suit the individual, plus I also added pictures which could also be printed next to the wording on the clothing item. 

So the customer had three steps to go through 1. pick the item of clothing wanted and the colour.  2. choose the wording to go on the front of the garment, and alter it to suit, and finally 3. choose the picture, to be printed alongside the wording.

Once the form is filled in, the customer then has to pay for the item/items of clothing.  Once this transaction has gone through, I then print the garment to the individuals specifications and post it out.

I have had many positive comments about the clothing range which I offer, and I have been approached by larger manufacturers who want to mass produce my items.  I have decided for now though to keep my business small, this way the products will always be customised to the customers individual requirements.