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The Thüringer Wald (Thuringian Forest in English) area of Germany runs from the northwest to the southeast in the southern part of the state of Thuringia. It is a stretch of continuous mountains that is about 120 km long and 35 km wide. The Thüringer Wald is a fantastic natural environment that has strong geographic features and is the home to a lot of wildlife. Although it is a fairly wild and natural region of Germany, there are a number of great Hotel Thüringer Wald locations that service the many visitors to the area.

The landscape of the Thüringer Wald is characterised by large stretches of forest, alternating between spruce forests, beech-spruce forests, meadows and small villages amidst the high mountains and pretty valleys. Because the area is dominated by forests, there is an abundance of wildlife with many varieties of birds populating the woodlands. The most popular activity in this area is without a doubt the Rennsteig hiking trail and bike path. This trail goes along the ridge of the mountains and passes over many amazing and beautiful landscapes. It is quite common to see black and yellow fire salamanders in some sections of the forest along with wild boar as well.

The Thüringer Wald has a number of beautiful streams that are home to many wildlife species. Insects and Limpets move among the stony surfaces of the water and trout can be seen swimming around as well. Within the Thüringer Wald you can also find black woodpeckers, stock doves and boreal owls living in the beech forests. The meadows contain even more wildlife with lots of varieties of insects, worms, birds, mice and moles. A combination of the streams, the forests, the meadows and mountains mean that there is a great variety in habitat for the different wildlife species of the area.

When taking a holiday in Germany (Urlaub in Deutschland) it is definitely worth visiting the state of Thuringia, and seeing the wonders of the Thuringian Forest for yourself. The amazing wildlife that inhabits the local environment together with the beautiful views and relaxing atmosphere make it a great place to visit.