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Tips For Choosing The Best Dog Toys

For dogs, toys aren’t a luxury, but a necessary element of the animal’s wellbeing. Besides keeping the animal comfortable when they’re feeling nervous, toys can also prevent certain behavioral issues. Choosing the best dog toys is an important part of your relationship with your bet. So, what should you consider when looking for suitable toys for dogs?


Although maturity in dogs is a somewhat unfamiliar concept, it has a huge influence on the kind of toys suitable for puppies of different ages. For a very young puppy, soft rubber toys and those with snugly fabrics would be great choices. A puppy in the teething phase will need a good variety of chew toys to keep him distracted from other unsuitable items.

Once this stage has passed, the animal’s jaw will be strong enough for hard rubber toys, as well as rope pulls and balls. While senior dogs don’t have the same strength as their younger counterparts, you still need to give them soft toys to chew on, as well as other items that will keep him active. Overall, there are plenty of interactive dog toys made specifically for animals of certain ages. Your choice of toys should match your pet’s age, size and unique chewing habits as well.

Texture and Size

Most small dogs will need toys that are pliable enough to be clenched in their small jaws. That said, toys that are too soft could break into pieces when chewed. If this happens, the animal may ingest the pieces, resulting in choking or gastrointestinal blockages. You should always check for signs of damage on the toys. If you spot any breaks or tears, replace the item immediately. Texture aside, size is also important. Generally, toys that are small enough to fit behind the rear molars of your dog would be choking hazards.

Toy Types

Even with this information, it can still be confusing to navigate the huge variety of cool dog toys. While shopping, you should consider the 4 basic varieties of toys with respect to the needs of your dog. These include:

-Balls: If you want something that will keep your dog active, balls would be your best bet. The material should be sufficiently tough to resist breaking when chewed.

-Tug toys: These are great for those who love playing tug-of-war with their dogs. Tug toys should promptly be replaced as soon as one spots any kind of damage.

-Chewables: These are usually built to last, and some are even stuffed with treats. To reduce the likelihood of causing broken teeth, ensure that the items you choose are soft enough for your dog’s jaw.

-Plush: These toys are excellent for young puppies that haven’t reached the teething phase yet.

From providing entertainment to allowing owners play with their dogs, toys are a crucial element of your elements well-being. Thanks to the web, you can now find numerous options for dog toys online. Ultimately, your goal should be to choose toys designed for safe, fun playtime.