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When I first heard of jewellery for animals I thought that it couldn’t possibly be right that someone would want to buy expensive jewellery for an animal. I couldn’t have been more wrong. When I researched the internet about this subject I was amazed to find that there was all sorts of jewellery for animals. People often spending thousands of pounds on there beloved pet. There is often a lot of competition as to which dog is sporting the best jewels, the more expensive the product, the better dressed the pooch or cat would be considered to be. Some of the well known stars (such as Paris Hilton and J-Lo) carry dogs round and they are seen as a fashion accessory. I had no idea just what big business this has turned into for some jewelers.

It is also wise to know that most of the dogs and cats which sport the jewellery, are of the pedigree type and not the mongrel variety of dogs and cats. I don’t think it would go down very well on a cross breed of dog which had bad skin. These jewels are made for the finest of animals, and usually a dog owner that purchases this jewellery, only buys the best for the pride and joy. These jewels can be bought from specialist jewellery shops in Stuttgart (Juwelier Stuttgart).

The jewellery is mainly used on cats and dogs. Whether it a poodle, golden retriever, Yorkshire terrier, or a Persian cat, animal jewellery is big business especially in the United States of America. There are all sorts of things that you can buy for dogs, for small dogs there are coats which can be encrusted with jewels, diamonds are often used.

There are collars studded with diamonds, or they can be made to a customers particular requirements. A usual collar that a dog would wear, would be plain with may be a tag on the front with the dogs name and a contact number of the owner. This would cost at any pet store ten pounds at the most. A jewel encrusted collar would have diamonds around it and where the name tag would be, it would sport a jewel that is probably worth more than the whole collar and dog, and on the back of the jewel it would be engraved with the dogs name. There are specialist jewelers in Stuttgart that have years of experience of engraving (Gravuren Stuttgart) this sort of jewellery.

For cats there are the same collars with jewels in them, but if you wanted to really splash out on your cat you could buy a watch. Watches are available for cats in various sizes they can either be warn around the neck, instead of the usual collar or they can be warn on the cats leg.

However, for my cat, who has been out on the prowl all night I think I will stick to treating him with a can of tuna fish every so often.