Animal Liberation

Save our Planet


Eliza Kipton, a 30-year-old Fund Broker at Lloyd Fonds, has always loved animals. Cats are her particular favorite. When she was young, living on a farm in Montana, there were cats all over the place. She would play in the barn all day long with all of her cats. However, you cannot be a hotshot fund broker (Fondsvermittler) on a farm in Montana.

After she graduated as valedictorian of Powell High School, Eliza headed off to NYU on a full academic scholarship. She graduated with a degree in Business and another in Accounting. She was only 23-years-old when she moved to Germany and started working at Lloyd Fond.

Even though she was young, Eliza knew how to handle her business. She climbed the corporate ladder with almost no effort at all. Now, at the age of 30, earning a six-figure income, it was time for her to sell the tiny apartment that she has called home for the last seven years. It was time for her to buy a big girl’s house.

Buying a house was not going to be a problem. Eliza had been investing funds through Lloyd Fond the whole time she had been working there. Since she was a single woman living on her on in a small apartment with no car, she was able to put quite a bit of money into these investments. With the hefty salary that she was drawing in from Lloyd Fond, Eliza was able to invest a total of $2.3 million in investment funds. The funds have been earning money the whole time and now she had $3.1 million, which would by a nice house.

Eliza went to the office, filled out all of the paperwork, signed all of the forms, and cashed in on all of her investment funds. She was ready to buy her dream home. That same day, Eliza called a real estate agent that Marge from Accounting had recommended and made an appointment to go house hunting the next afternoon.

Milo Venzagula showed up right on time. Eliza thanked him for coming so soon as he held the door of his silver Mercedes open for her. They headed off on the journey that would change her life for good.

The first house they came to was nice, but not quite what she had in mind. The next house was better, but she could not get past the pink trim. The third was the one. It was everything she had imagined her perfect house would be. It had a stone sidewalk just like the one that led to the barn at the farm in Montana. The porch went all the way across the front of the house with a big porch swing on one end. The yard was beautiful with rose bushes growing all along the fence. It was perfect. The best part was it was it fit right into her budget at only $3 million. She had enough to buy the house and furnish it as well.

On the way back into town, Eliza noticed a building she had not seen on the way out. It was a rundown old building with several animals all over the yard in small metal cages. She asked Milo if he knew of the place. He told her it was the only animal home for miles. They do mostly volunteer work, so the place has gone down over the last decade or so. Eliza asked if they could stop by for a visit.

As they pulled up to the animal home, the animals all perked up at the sight of a new face. Eliza felt her heart break in two. Here she was getting ready to spend millions of dollars on a big beautiful house and all of these innocent little animals had no home.

It was too much for her; her heart was too soft. She had Milo draw up the papers right there, instead of buying her dream home, she invested every last cent into building a new animal shelter.