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Anyone who lives in and around Hollywood has to have the right image, you don’t have to be a celebrity to live there but your look has to be spot on in order to fit in, nothing other than designer clothing matters, if you are a woman then you have to have the complimentary fake tan, and teeth are the new must have accessory for anyone who’s anyone.


It is not only movie stars that have opted to have the perfect set of pearly whites in the last few years though pop stars too have picked up on the fact that a perfect smile gets you a long way. Movie stars such as Tom Cruise, over the last 10 years he has gone from having a not so great smile, to achieving a perfect smile all with the help of a brace and tooth whitening. The craze of getting a good set of teeth came from America, most Americans have had some sort of tooth implant surgery like the implants dentist bratislava has to offer. It is often much easier for peopple to get cheap prothesis ( procedures and other dental routines in overseas destinations.

Jodie Marsh took part in a reality television programme which was all about how she went through tooth implant surgery, her former rival Katie Price has also had implant surgery, this is often documented on her reality TV programme Katie and Peter the next chapter. Tooth implant surgery is also very popular amongst the stars in the music scene, it is rumoured that Ronan Keating has spent over 70,000 pounds for his perfect smile. If you were to look through pictures of celebrities how they are now and back to when they first hit the music scene you would find a very different smile from the one they portray today. Although it is not the same for all musicians you could take Shane MacGowan from the Irish Band The Pogues – who are probably remembered by most for their catchy Christmas song ‘A Fairy Tale In New York’. Shane MacGowan’s teeth are nothing like perfect and it has not hindered his music career, but then again you couldn’t image this band all with perfect smiles, it just wouldn’t go with their image.

For the rest of the music industry image is everything, and dentists offer celebrities and people wanting the right image the chance to have the perfect smile. Implants are a brilliant alternative to dentures, they look like real teeth and they stay firmly in position, with the help of advanced technology it has now become possible for everyone to have a great set of teeth. There is ample pain relief on offer for anyone who has a phobia of pain during surgery, the procedure is talked through before the surgery. The patient is made to feel relaxed and comfortable before any surgery is done. If you are browsing the internet, googling dentist bratislava is a good place to look for dentistry.