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Taking Care Of Your Black German Shepherd

The coat of a black German Shepherd dog is a double layered coat with a undercoat that is used for insulation and an overcoat. The overcoat is usually medium in length, and and may be slightly wavy. Black German Shepherds are not very common among this breed of dog, with the result that many feel that they are mix breed. However, black German Shepherds are pure German Shepherd Dog, and are not mixed breed at all. They are slightly larger than the other German Shepherd dogs, and their coat is normally flowing, and either long or short.

Often, the black coat of a black German Shepherd online is not purely black and mixed with some other colors. Black and tan, black and white, black and red, black and cream are some of the other popular colors of the GSD.

How to Care for your Black German Shepherd’s coat

The coat of the German Shepherd, of all colors, is one of the most striking thing about this breed. It is lush, and over flowing with hair. With proper care, it also looks shiny and looks pretty good. The coat also requires regular care, because it is normal for the dog to shed its coat hairs all through the year. This is why you need to brush this dog regularly, at least once a week. The brushing should be done using a number of different brushes depending on whether you are brushing their undercoat or their overcoat. The dog should be bathed about once a month, and there should not be less than 15 days between two consecutive washings. This is because the GSD vyriski laikrodziai does not require that many baths. After giving it a bath, you will also need to take special care to dry it. Its thick coat retains water very much, so you will need to use a towel to dry the overcoat. Then you should use a hair dryer to dry the overcoat and undercoat. The hair dryer should not be held closer than 10-12 inches from the body.

How to Give Bath to a German Shepherd

The water used to bathe a GSD should be warm to lukewarm and the bathing area should have sufficient towels, shampoo and conditioners, glucosamine for dogs. It is seen that two people are the ideal number to give this dog a bath, because it is too much to handle for just one person. One person will handle the dog, while other will apply water, shampoo and other conditioners to the dog. First the dog should be wet with lukewarm water, and then you should apply shampoo to it. Do not dig your hands too deep into the fur coat because it may harm the skin and the undercoat of the dog. After shampoo is applied and you have thoroughly washed the dog, remove the shampoo and conditioner by rinsing it off the skin and coat. Then dry your dog using a towel, and hair dryer as we have mentioned already. Good grooming needs care and time, but the result will be a much healthier dog that is also a joy to be around.