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Dealing With Your Dog’s Hip Dysplasia

Black german shepherds are usually strong and healthy. They don’t have a lot of issues growing up but the breed is susceptible to hip dysplasia. This is a genetic condition that you can’t do anything about. If your german shepherd dog seems like it is having trouble running around with others, then have it checked immediately. Scans will reveal whether it is indeed a problem with the hip or some other issue. The important thing is that is gets found out right away so that you can provide the support that your dog needs to deal with its condition.

Don’t worry as it can still live a normal life despite this. The veterinarian can provide you with a number of tips for minimizing discomfort. Sometimes massage and a change of diet can help in mild cases. Try this first and see if there are any improvements. It is crucial for the animal to maintain a healthy weight to lessen the stress on the joints. The vet may also prescribe joint supplements that have the nutrients required to reduce swelling and improve the hips. For severe conditions, the black german shepherd may be given a prescription pain reliever. Hip replacement may be the last resort.