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Tips For Healthy Dog Treats

A dog treat is given to a dog as a reward. So it should be something special, that the dog look forwards to. Training techniques depend on reward based learning, so the reward should be something that compels the dog to behave well. This shows the importance of having tasty and nutritious treats.

Selecting The Best Dog Treats

The best way to find a best dog treats, healthy dog treat is to go over the packaging information. The packaging will show you the ingredients that make up the treat. If you want a meat based treat, then meat or chicken should be one of the major ingredients of the treat. Some manufacturers will brand their treat as a meat treat, but when you read the ingredients list, you find that meat is way down in the list and does not make the main ingredient. In such cases you should avoid buying such products.

Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

Dogs love green beans and baby carrots, apart from other vegetables. They love to crunch and chew vegetables that they find tasty, so you should give them plenty of vegetables. Vegetables and fruits are also rich in fiber and vitamins, which are good for your dog’s health and digestive system. You should note that dogs should not be given raisins or grapes, because these are toxic to dogs.

Fruit Based Treats

In case you can’t easily access fresh fruits, don’t worry, because there are alternatives to fresh fruits. There are treats that contain dried fruits such as apple crisps and banana crisps. These products contain the freeze dried fruit without using any preservatives or chemicals. You can also find other fruit based treats, such as pecan and sweet potato and pumpkin.

Meat Based Treats For Dogs

One of the more popular options for meat based treats is beef jerky. You can also use chicken based treats for your dog. Beef jerky has the advantage that it is low calorie but high in protein. However, note that many products will try to bulk up their contents by adding fillers such as corn, soy or wheat. You should check the ingredient list to find out how much of the jerky is actually beef and how much consists of other products.

Biscuits as Healthy Dog Treats

Dogs are happiest when they are chewing on their favorite biscuit. This is the reason dog biscuits make up the largest segment of dog treats. It is indubitably the best dog treat. The best dog biscuits are made using natural ingredients. Chicken, oatmeal, sweet potato, cheese, apples, cheddar are some of the main ingredients of dog biscuits. These foods are slow baked, and then made into dog biscuits. The main convenience of dog biscuits is that they come in various shapes and sizes.