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Nutrition And Food For Your Black German Shepherd

A Black German Shepherd is a large dog with a double layer of coat. Maintaining its health requires good diet and nutritious food. Further, the very basic thing it needs is lot of water that it can drink to quench its thirst.

To feed the a German Shepherd dog, you may use a formula from the market. There are three types of foods for this dog: dry, semi-moist and wet food. Dry food has less than 10% water, and is mostly just dry. Also known as kibbles, it is the most cost effective food when it comes to dog food. Semi-moist food contains about 20% to 50% moisture or water, and is useful as a snack. It can be rolled into balls and used as a treat, that can be used to reward your dog whenever he obeys you. Finally, wet food is almost liquid, and comes in pouches or cans. Its also costly per gram of food, but its also the favorite food for most dogs. Wet food is also useful for old dogs who have trouble eating and digesting dry food.

Black German Shepherds are some of the most beautiful dogs, and they needs lots of nutrition to maintain the shine on their coat that they are known for.